Family & Youth

Family Action

Family Action is a voluntary home visiting program that partners with families to increase the safety and permanency of children in their homes and eliminate out of home placement.  Families identify goals with the support of their Case Planner and make plans to meet those goals over time.  Case Planners assist families in making long-term life changes leading to healthy self-reliance and provide information, referrals and support through home visits.   Referrals to the program are only accepted through the Department of Social Services.

CAP Client: “There isn’t enough room on this paper to express how much I love this program and how amazing my home visitor is.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.”

Supportive Mentoring

cap mentees pose with sign

Our Mentoring Program seeks to strengthen our youth through increasing their opportunities for positive interactions with adults.  Our goal is to link Madison County Youth, ages 8-18, with a positive adult role model in their community.  Each match is based on specific needs, compatible interests, talents, resources and geographic location.  In addition to 1-to-1 mentoring, mentors and mentees have the opportunity to participate in group activities, discussions and trainings.

Mentors are people like you!

People who are dependable, enjoy sharing ideas and talents with others, are flexible, are good listeners, have a sense of humor, encourage young people to set and achieve goals, and believe in youth and their potential.  Participation in the program has been shown to lead to better grades, better school attendance and prevention of involvement with juvenile law issues. Mentoring works!  Give us a call if you are interested in the Mentoring program.


Erin Dutcher, Family & Youth Program Manager, 315 684-3144 ext. 18

“I have met new people, gone places I probably never would have!” Mentee

girls' mentoring program participants