Founded in 1983, Community Action Partnership works with low and moderate-income families in Madison County to provide education, guidance, and accessibility to resources for families and children striving for economic self sufficiency and building resilience.  We are the only not for profit, non-governmental agency in Madison County with a mission to serve families in need. Historically, we have served one out of every 16 Madison County residents.

Our Mission is to build resilience, well-being and safety at the individual, family and community level by meeting the basic needs of today and (identifying) the opportunities of tomorrow.

Our Board of Directors: The Board of Community Action Partnership for Madison County has 12 – 16 seats that are structured to include 1/3 elected officials; 1/3 representatives of the private sector; and 1/3 representatives of the low income community who are democratically elected and live in one of four districts defined for Madison County.  This board structure is unique to Community Action Agencies and is federally regulated for entities designated to combat poverty in their community.  Board meetings are open to the public.

Board Meeting Schedule – Revised 4.4.17