MORE: Madison County Opportunities for Re-entry and Employment

Our MORE Program, in partnership with The Center for Justice Innovation, was created to increase economic opportunities for those recently released from jail. The program combines 10-week group training sessions while individuals are incarcerated, followed by individualized case management services upon release. Individuals receive soft skills training while incarcerated and individualized needs assessments will be conducted to assess transportation, housing and employment barriers.  Upon release, the individual will work one on one with a program coordinator to obtain stable employment and housing.

Our curriculum is based on the principles of an evidence-based prisoner reentry model. The training will focus on:

  • Awareness of resources
  • Networking
  • Hidden rules and expectations of the “work world”
  • Interacting with employers and co-workers
  • and more

Interested in hearing more about this program?  Give us a call at 315-697-3588.