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Terms & Conditions

I agree to abide by the foll owing terms and conditions:

Vehicle owner(s), drivers, and guests agree to the usage of the or names, their images and images of each vehicle for publicity, advertising and marketing purposes by Community Action Partnership; this includes but is not limited to social media, newspaper, magazines, radio, video and television.

Vehicle owners and drivers certify that each vehicle registered is properly licensed, inspected and insured to meet legal requirements of liability.

The driver of the vehicle is 18 years of age or older, has a valid driver’s license and will carry proof of insurance at all times during the event. The vehicle will be operated in conformance with the law and all rules of the road.

In consideration of being allowed to participate, vehicle owners and drivers hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless CAP, its staff, volunteers and anyone else connected to the agency and/or event, as well as all sponsors from and against all claims for damages, bodily injury or any or other costs incurred which are caused by or arises from participation in the event.