Building Resilient Families

Family Action is a voluntary home visiting program that partners with families to increase the safety and permanency of children in their homes and eliminate out of home placement.

Home visitors assist families in making long-term life changes leading to healthy self-reliance and provide information, referrals and support. Referrals to program are only accepted through Department of Social Services.

CAP Client: “This program is amazing!  I have had a lot of support and have shared so much and never feel judged”

Program News

Family Action Home visitors work with parents, caregivers, and children to reduce stressors in the home and help build positive connections and support systems.  As part of our focus we look for ways to reduce anxiety and stress for both adults and children in the home.  This can be an extra challenge for kids with ADHD, ADD, autism, or other diagnosis that interrupt their ability to focus.

The program recently provided a kit of stress relieving tools for caregivers to use with kids during difficult situations where the child may become upset and have trouble re-centering their focus.  The kit allows a parent to choose a variety of different items to hand to youth to help them to calm down and give their brain time to focus.  The strategy has been effective and caregivers have offered great feedback, identifying the distraction as a quick way to defuse difficult interactions.