Building Resilient Families

Family Action is a voluntary home visiting program that partners with families to increase the safety and permanency of children in their homes and eliminate out of home placement.

Home visitors assist families in making long-term life changes leading to healthy self-reliance and provide information, referrals and support. Referrals to program are only accepted through Department of Social Services.

CAP Client: “This program is amazing!  I have had a lot of support and have shared so much and never feel judged”

Program News

On May 9th, with help from Madison County and BRiDGES, CAP hosted renowned performer Tim Collins for his “Speaking Up, Speaking Out” one-man show. Through his engaging, interactive show, Tim told a story of cyber bullying and what to do if you or a friend is being bullied. The children were very receptive to Tim’s message of “Speaking Up” to a trusted adult if they see something they know is wrong.